Urethane Mortar Flooring


Key reasons for the use of Urethane Cement include its high compressive and PSI strength, its longevity in commercial applications as well as its resistance to delaminating due to thermal shock. Epoxy systems alone do not hold up to frequent cleaning with industrial hot water wash downs. It is the urethane in the cement which allows for this resistance to over 200 degree temperatures. (Higher than typically seen in industrial settings).food processing plant floor

In the food and beverage industry we would recommend adding a top coat to the urethane cement. Even though the material is extremely dense and broadcasted with silica of a specific grade, cement is still a material which can absorb bacteria. The top coat fully seals it from any possibility of bacterial issues. Another reason for a topcoat is to keep the aggregate in place. You can also apply the top coat in a different color than the urethane. This way, when the top coat eventually needs reapplication, it will be easy to spot these areas.

urethane cement mortar flooring